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Static-Dissipative Use this acrylic in applications where static electricity is a concern, Sheets have a static-dissipative surface that provides excellent control of electrostatic discharge and particulate attraction. They meet UL 94HB for flammability.  AC-300™ Acrylic is a plastic sheet product that controls static electricity in many applications, including windows, doors, machine covers and enclosures, and fabricated desiccators and cabinets.  It is a premium quality acrylic sheet coated with SciCron Technologies clear, AC-300™ static dissipative coating which prevents charge generation on the sheet surfaces.  This controls particulate attraction and prevents electrostatic discharge (ESD) events completely independent of humidity.  AC-300 Acrylic fabricates simply, is light in weight and is available in large sheet sizes.  It has excellent optical properties, chemical resistance, surface hardness and mar resistance.

ESd AC30 Acrylic Sheets

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Acrylic Sheets Sizes and Prices:
ESD Anti Stat Sheets AR - Abrasion Resistant Sheets Acrylic / Polycarbonate Mirrors Florescent Sheets Clear Sheets
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